Brunswick Station is a major city with BG&E classification and maintenance yard, major passenger station with Diner/Pullman maintenance siding and a number of service/industrial facilities including Railway Express, Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company (A&P), Acme Produce, and storage warehouses.

At Franklin Junction is a general freight interchange with the Boston & Maine, and a coal-fired electric power plant serving the region.

Oxford is the home of the Kruse Mining Company, a source for the region's coal supply. It is also adjacent to Mica Mt. Park and Nagatuck Lake, a popular outdoor recreation area.

Saxonville is a rural industrial/farm community that serves as a branch line of the BG&E. Consolidated Oil distributor, Farm & Home Service Center, and Manbeck Bread are located there.

Clear Spring is a small town industrial area with industries and a team track. Roberts Printing prints Sears-Roebuck and Montgomery Ward catalogs, and Tri-State Milling is a manufacturer of residential window and door units.

West Oxford is a small rural community that is home of the Ralph Curcio Furniture Manufacturing Co., Foltz Machine & Supply Co., and the Locke Stove Co.

Stoner is location of western staging yard that represents an interchange with the Central Vermont Railway for general freight traffic.

Baxter is the eastern segment of hidden staging yard where the BG&E interchanges with the Maine Central Railroad.

Greenwood is the location of the BG&E West staging yard.

Middletown is the location of the BG&E East staging yard.

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