Superintendent: Bill Gaver    Board Chairman: Nancy Gaver

Scale: HO     Layout Size: 27' x 31' Plus 2' x 20' Staging
  • Walkaround Layout at 52"-58" Elevation
  • One Duckunder to Enter Layout
  • Long Mainline: Operate Several Trains at the Same Time (Freight and Passenger)
  • Staging Yard in Adjacent Room
  • One Main Classification Yard with Service Tracks, Roudhouse, Turntable
  • Staging Area Tracks, Passing Sidings, Yard Lead to Handle One Locomotive and Eighteen 40' cars (10') and/or Seven–Eight Passenger Cars
  • Reverse Loop in Staging to Permit Turning Trains Between Operating Sessions
  • Point-to-Point Loop to Permit Continuous Running
  • Main Model Area: Northeast
  • Period: 1941 – Steam and Early Diesel
  • Minimum Radius: 30"
  • Turnouts: Mainline #7, Code 83, Weathered, Pilz/Elite, Yard, Siding, Spurs #5, Code 83, Weathered, Pilz/Elite
  • Turnout Power: Hankscraft/Switchmaster with RIX II mounting block and micro switch
  • Track: Pilz/Elite, Code 83, Weathered
  • Maximum Grade: 2.5%
  • Interchange Locations with B&M, Maine Central, and Central Vermont Railroads
  • DCC System: NCE
  • Operating Sessions Accomodate 4-10 people
    • Dispatcher/Staging Operator, Yard Engineer/Hostler, Train Engineers, Brunswick Yardmaster, Local Crews
  • Operating Priorities
    • 18 Car Freight Operations, Engine Terminal Operations, Mainline Passenger, Passenger Train Switching, Classification Yard, Local Freight Operations
  • Communications: Telephone and Visual Signals
  • Freelance Prototype Practices and Equipment
  • Four Industrial Spurs
  • Actual Towns, Buildings, Businesses Fictitious
  • Town Names: Brunswick, Saxonville, Franklin Junction, Clear Spring, Oxford, Beaver Creek, Stoner, Baxter, Middletown, Greenwood
  • Except for Main Yard, Scenery to Track Ratio Favors Scenery
  • Scenery Features Lake/Pond, Streams, Hilly Terrain, and Indigenous Pine and Deciduous Trees in Two Settings: Summer and Fall
  • Land Aquisition Agent: Lee Gridley
  • Branchline: To Saxonville
  • Crew Lounge and Railroad Artifact Display
  • Kit Building, Loco/Car Maintenance Area (Adjacent Room with Staging Area)
  • Storing Racks for Kits, Resource Library Material

Enroute to
Brunswick Yard

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